Have you ever wanted to turn on your WiFi automatically each time you plugged in your power cable? Would you like your music player to run each time you plug in your headphones? These activities and many more like them are now possible with Impel.

Impel is a trigger-based, automated event manager. What that means is that when normal activities occur, like a Bluetooth device connection or a map location being reached, Impel can start an event or change a setting without any interaction from you. This means more time doing the stuff you love and less time fiddling with preferences, switches and applications.


Currently Impel offers the following features and benefits:

  • Setup your own custom events in the easy-to-use and intuitive user interface
  • Get started quickly with the Catalog: pre-built tasks ready to download and run
  • Start a task based on behaviors such as attaching cables, entering and leaving networks, connecting docks and more
  • Perform a variety of actions in a task like running an app, turning hardware off, playing sounds and more
  • Create an unlimited number of tasks that run whenever a trigger occurs
  • Multiple tasks can be created that share the same triggers
  • More than one trigger can be required per task
  • Multiple actions can be performed during a single task
  • Tasks may enable or disable other tasks and disable themselves after running
  • View details about your events: when it last ran and how many times it has run
  • Share the app with friends using the built-in Share button
  • The application installs as a service, runs in the background and requires very little memory or CPU
  • Works on virtually any Android 2.x, 3.x and 4.x ¬†devices (including non-optimized tablet support)
  • There is no support for Google TV devices at this time (2.x or 3.x), sorry

Trigger Events

Triggers that start an activity can be built from the following device events:

  • Headphones - plugged in or unplugged
  • USB – plugged in or unplugged
  • Bluetooth – enabled, disabled, device connected or disconnected
  • WiFi – enabled, disabled, network connected or disconnected
  • Power – connected or disconnected
  • Dock – Car dock connected, Home dock connected or Dock disconnected
  • GPS location - enter or leave a specified location and radius using GPS, WiFi or cellular data
  • Text message - received from a specific contact
  • Time event – a specified time or duration is reached
  • Button event – the search or camera button is long pressed
  • Widget – custom color and text assigned to a widget button
  • Battery Level¬†- choose a setting from 10% to 90%, either above or below that value

Actions and Restrictions

Actions that can take place within an activity can be generated from the following events:

  • Launch an application – any valid, installed app can be run
  • Stop an application – kill any running application (only if device is already Rooted)
  • Play a sound – any system ring tone or alert sound is available
  • Vibrate – pick a pre-defined vibrating alert
  • Volume – set any device volume category by percentage
  • Enable or Disable hardware – turn Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, Airplane Mode or Screen Auto-Rotate on or off
  • Send Text Message – send a pre-defined text message to a specific contact
  • Visit Web Page – start almost any web page in the default browser
  • Modify a Task – turn any Impel created task on or off
  • Specified Time – allow a task to run only during specified time ranges
  • Battery Level – run a task only when the charge level exceeds a given amount
  • Lock screen – enable and disable the device locking screen
  • Auto-Sync – enable and disable the data syncing service
  • Brightness – set the screen brightness to a specific level