On some devices and Android OS versions Impel cannot remain running as an app-only over the course of a 24 hour day. In those cases, we strongly recommend running Impel in service mode. Here’s how to turn that setting on:

  • Find the Impel icon in your apps folder and tap it to start the app
  • Tap on the overflow (the three dots) icon or on some devices the hardware menu button
  • Tap on the Settings icon
  • Tap on the Service Mode item
  • In the dialog box that appears, tap on the Performance Mode item
  • You are now running Impel as a service!

Please note: Google requires all apps running as a service to place an icon in the Notification tray, and Impel complies with this requirement.  This icon serves as a reminder to the consumer that something is always running in the background and is required for security purposes.  The icon cannot be removed or hidden.

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