1. Start Impel
2. Make a new event by pressing the device’s “Menu” button, then the “Add Task” button
3. Tap the “Select from available Events” row and then tap the “Widget Button” option
4. The only option available for widgets currently is “is clicked.” Tap the the “Next” button to move to the next page
5. Tap the “Select from available Actions” row and then tap the “Play a sound” option
6. Tap on the sound you want to use for this task. Tap the “OK” button to accept it
7. Tap the the “Next” button to move to the next page
8. If you need conditions, like restricting this task to run only during certain time or battery ranges, you can add those settings now. Otherwise, just tap “Next” to move to the next page
9. If you want to make any changes to the Task name, description or color you can modify those settings now. Otherwise, just tap “Next” to move to the next page
10. Review the settings. If you like everything you see, tap “Finish” and you are done with the task setup

Next up we need to make the actual widget for this task:

11. Press the device’s “Home” button and navigate to a home screen page with some unused area (a 1×1 block) on it
12. Long press on the unused area until the “Add to Home screen” selector appears. Tap the “Android widgets” option
13. Scroll the list until you see the “Impel Task” option, then tap it
14. The Impel Task Widget view will appear. Tap the “*Select a task” option. Note: Only tasks specifically setup for the widget button trigger will be shown in this list
15. Pick one of your tasks to associate with the widget and tap on it
16. Confirm that you have selected the correct task, that it is enabled, and if needed, give the widget a short, simple name
17. Tap “Save” to close the widget configuration screen and return to the home screen
18. Your new widget task should be seen on the home screen. Long press on the widget to move it to an area of the screen. Release the long press to drop the widget into place
19. There are two touch areas on the widget: the Trigger button and the Settings button. Tapping the Trigger button area will tell Impel to start your task. Tapping the Settings button area will bring up the Impel Task Widget view where you can change the task associated with this widget
20. You should now be finished and ready to use your task widget.

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