First, tap on the name or description of any existing task on the Home screen. You can also long press on any task name to bring up the Task Options menu.

This is the Edit Task Summary screen. Tapping on any area of the screen will jump into an edit screen for that item. Each edit screen should look familiar, they have the same settings and options as the original Add Task screens that you encountered when you first created the task. Press the Back button on any edit screen to return to the summary view. Tap Cancel to exit without saving. Press Save to save this task.

To change any option on a screen, simply tap it.  To exit any edit popup views press the Android device’s Back button.  If you want to delete an option or setting you need to long press the item and answer OK to delete the item or Cancel to keep it. Pressing Back will save any changes made and return you to the Edit Task Summary screen.

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