A GPS Proximity Event is an event that happens whenever your device enters or leaves the area around a specified geographical location.  Presently to use these events the GPS function of your device must be turned on and the GPS feature will remain on until the event is disabled.

  1. Turn on the GPS hardware feature for your device
  2. Start Impel
  3. Make a new event by pressing the Menu button, the the Add Task button
  4. Tap the “Select from available Events” row and then tap the “GPS Proximity Event” option
  5. Tap the “Enter Location” option
  6. Tap the “*Select a location” row then tap the “Location from map” option
  7. Type in a valid address or pick an area from the map. Tap the area that says “Tap here to save or edit a location” to continue.
  8. To save a new location name, tap the “Save New Location” area and give this location a name. Tap the “Save” button and then the “Next” button to finish
  9. Tap the “Select from available Actions” row and then tap the “Enable Hardware Feature” option
  10. Tap the “Silent Mode” optionTap the “Next” button when done
  11. If you need conditions, like restricting this task to run only during certain time or battery ranges, you can add those settings now. Otherwise, just tap “Next” to finish
  12. If you want to make any changes to the Task name, description or color you can modify those settings now. Otherwise, just tap “Next” to finish
  13. Review the settings. If you like everything you see, tap “Finish” and you are done

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