In order to help us find and fix the issue you have just found we need to be able to reproduce it. Given how many different devices, OS versions, customizations and hardware differences there are out there we can use all the help you can give us. The best way to help us out is to provide a log of what is happening on your device at the moment things go all wonky. Here’s how to do that for us:

  1. If you don’t already have it, grab a copy of Catlog from the Google Play Store. It’s free and it it works great. It’s our favorite debugging app by far.
  2. After installing Catlog, tap on its icon to get things started. Tap on any OK dialogs that appear as they are just telling you about the new features of that version of Catlog.
  3. You should see a bunch of text messages fly by. That’s fine, that’s what we need to see.  Wait until these messages stop scrolling or at least wait until they slow down to very few scrolling every few seconds.
  4. Press the Home button on your device. Find our app icon, Impel, and tap it. Now do whatever it was you did before that made the “bad things” happen.
  5. As soon the issue occurs, switch back to Catlog. It should be in your recently used apps list if you are running Android 3.x or 4.x, or long press the Home button on Android 2.x to see the recent apps.
  6. Inside Catlog you need to tap your device Options button and select the Send option. A popup will appear. Choose the “As Attachment” option and leave the “Include device information” box checked. Don’t worry, private stuff like passwords, logins, pictures, credit cards, etc are NOT included in logs.
  7. Choose your email program from the next popup list and send us an email with the attachment. Our address is Be sure to include information about who you are, what happened, how you got the issue to happen, etc.
  8. For extra brownie points, post in the forums and let us know what the issue was you had and tell us when you sent the logs to us so we can get back to you.

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