July 22, 2011
by P2 Administrator
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It took longer than we were hoping for but Amazon Appstore customers can now also get the latest release of Impel. If you already have Impel from Amazon, be sure to check the Appstore for updates to version 1.0.9.

You can learn all about this release by looking at this post in the forums.

And if you are looking to download Impel Plus you can grab a copy from the Amazon Appstore here.

May 6, 2011
by P2 Administrator
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It took longer than we thought it should, but now Amazon customers can also grab a copy of Impel Plus.

The big difference between downloading from the Android Market vs the Amazon Appstore is:

  • Impel in the Android Market is free with ads and a two active task limitation
  • Android Market versions can be upgraded within Impel to the Plus version, removing ads and limitations
  • Impel Plus in the Amazon Appstore is the full paid version with no limitations. There is no free version available

We hope that this helps explain things a bit better than the two individual app stores allow us to. The key point is that you can download Impel from whichever store you choose and enjoy the same full-app experience either way.

Get Impel Plus from the Amazon Appstore:

April 5, 2011
by P2 Administrator
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As of today it appears that Impel is fairly feature complete. Next stop is the UI/UX beautification process, some intensive internal QA and then a private/public beta program.

We hope to share more details with you soon, so check back often as we get closer to a release date!