Impel Plus 1.0.10 released to Amazon

Great news Amazon Appstore customers: Impel Plus has been updated to 1.0.10. You can grab the update now from the Amazon Appstore app.

This release was a necessary fix for the GPS proximity feature to enable the maps view. Unfortunately, due to some Amazon restrictions, this release has a new application signature and will force the uninstallation of the existing version of Impel Plus. This also means that any tasks you’ve created will be lost.

We had a long discussion about this change and the impact it would have on customers and decided it was necessary to make this change now to fix the maps issue vs keeping old tasks and having non-working GPS functions. We’re sorry about the inconvenience but we believe this is the last time we will have to make such a change for Amazon customers.

If you are a Android Market customer this issue doesn’t impact you and your current Impel version is still at 1.0.9.